Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The Candy-Coated Hypocrisy of the Left

By now you're well aware that Donald Trump Jr tweeted an outrageous, deeply offensive message that was ultimately evil, vile, Satanic, Hitlerian, and kitten-offending in it's outrageousness. How do we know it was all of those things? The mainstream media told us so. If you haven't seen the tweeted image, here it is:

Was it an oversimplification of a problem? Perhaps. Was it wrong? That's debatable. But the Left pounced on this, demanding an apology, a retraction, Trump Jr's head, the election of Clinton, all manner of unreasonable demands. Instead of sparking a conversation about refugees and the different policies the two main candidates have on the Syrian crisis, the Leftist media did what it always does: deflect the issue at hand so that Hillary Clinton's terrible policy doesn't have attention brought to it. It's obvious that the media is part of the Clinton campaign.

But the hypocrisy comes in the form of Leftist ugly tweets. Trump's tweet is modeled after this gem, tweeted by a feminist who'll remain nameless. Her claim, that women should be scared of men because (so she claims) 10% are rapists (an evil claim if there ever was one). How this is in any way an acceptable claim to make is unknown to me but then again I'm just a humble anti-feminist and am not fluent in femenese. Here's the tweet:

Is there a substantive difference? Why is it okay when feminists engage in this hyperbole but when a presidential campaign makes a nearly identical claim it's not okay? If you have an idea please let me know because I don't understand why saying that 10% of men are monsters is okay but saying that terrorists are coming in with the Syrian refugees isn't.

The only thing that makes her tweet okay is that, as we all know, men are all evil and must be killed. At least, all white men, Syrian men are exempt because, according to Sally Kohn, Sharia Law is progressive. Because Muslims are 'oppressed' they must be protected from evil, evil white men who must be killed. That must be it.  

Friday, September 16, 2016

Safe Spaces and the Cult of Anti-Trump

Typical college dorm
A friend of mine is a student at a major public university. He has the misfortune of living in the residence halls (dorms). Recently, his RA left a note on his door and the door of every one of his neighbors asking questions like 'what's your favorite kind of music?' 'what's your favorite food', and the creme de la creme, 'what's your preferred gender pronoun?' As I've written endlessly about here and elsewhere, the universities are the breeding ground for the leftist lunacy that denies basic truths, beginning with denying that there are only two genders.

But it goes far beyond that. Here is a basic list of insane ideas taught at universities:

  • Gender is a social construct. There are as many genders as there are people. Assuming that 'male' and 'female' are the only options makes you a bigoted oppressive shitlord.
  • Safe spaces are essential. We must be protected from wrong opinions that might challenge our way of thinking and 'trigger' us.
  • Speaking of wrong thinking, conservatives, and especially Trump and his deplorable supporters, are racists who should be silenced. They can be silenced using free speech.
  • Free speech isn't free. While true on its face Leftists mean that free speech is offensive and the best way to silence public speech is to make it impossible for someone to speak publicly using something they call 'no-platforming'. 
  • Men, while being a social construct, have special privileges that all other genders don't have. This is especially true of white men. 
  • Trump is a fascist. By fascist they mean 'not leftist' because he has the insane idea that government isn't the solution to all problems.
  • All social problems can be solved with more multiculturalism and fewer white people.

I just included this to trigger SJWs

The Cult of Anti-Trump opposes Trump because he is anti-political correctness...and because ultimately he objects to socialism. Make no mistake: if Ted Cruz had been the nominee, or John Kasich, the charge that Republicans are racist fascists would be leveled at conservatives with the same level of vitriol that Leftists level against the GOP and especially Trump supporters now.

While the presidential election is drawing near and it appears that Trump might win, the university year is just beginning. On college campuses now professors are proselytizing to students, spreading the anti-Gospel lies of socialism. While that is going on the student government associations and their state-wide partners are registering students to vote in 'non-partisan' voter registration campaigns while actively promoting Leftist ideas like the Israeli Disinvestment movement, Black Lives Matter, and free college for illegal immigrants. These are the future leaders of America, and the only way to stop them is to remove all federal funding from universities until they stop being Leftist seminaries (to borrow a phrase from Dennis Prager). 

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Religion of Peace Update: August 2016

It's been a busy month in the Religion of Peace. Let's see what isn't being widely reported by the Sharia-lovin' media:

  • Remember that $400 million ransom payment to Iran for hostages? It turns out that the number is closer to $1.7 billion to be paid, with the $400 million being only the first installment. According to Jihad Watch
The administration agreed to pay Iran $1.7 billion to compensate that country for its payment to the U.S. in 1979 for military equipment. That deal fell through after Iran’s government was overthrown, and the Obama administration has said it owes Iran this money, plus interest.

Courtesy of Jihad Watch: This guy knows its all about the Benjamins...and Allah

  • According to the Daily Star a machete-wielding woman shouted 'Allahu Akbar' and attacked people in Brussels. But authorities quickly remind us that it had nothing to do with [redacted] but was just a case of mental illness.

  • Also from Jihad Watch, the Commonwealth of Virginia experienced some cultural enrichment when a Muslim named Wasil Farooqui stabbed two people while screaming 'Allahu Akbar.' While the police have not told us that it has nothing to do with [redacted] we know that already because the trustworthy media already told us so.  
Investigators believe that this was a random attack, and Farooqui had no connection to the two victims.
  • Infowars correspondent dares to defy the narrative about 'Islamophobia.' Apparently no belief system is above scrutiny. Watch and note the peaceful responses he gets from the Emissaries of the Religion of Peace:

  • Finally, in a bit of good news, ISIS kidnapped a 12 year old child in Iraq, forced him into a suicide vest, and told him to bomb civilians, according to the child after he was helped out of his vest by Iraqi security forces:

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

College Protests and Political Riots: Is This the 60s?

You may have noticed that we live in unstable times in the west. College campuses are melting down. Political riots masked as protests are common.The Religion of Peace continues to bless us with cultural enrichment in the form of shootings and bombings. In a lot of ways the times are like a more violent 1960s.

The Left LOVES The 1960s

A cheater and a warmonger. Not much has changed for the Left.
While the rest of the population remembers the 60s as producing some good music and a lot of drug use, the Left remembers the 60s fondly:

  • Big Government was KING. The Great Society was fighting poverty directly...except that it actually undermined the family, especially the families of black Americans.
  • The Civil Rights movement began the end of the racism institutionalized by Democrats who later blamed Republicans for political racism.
  • Sex was free! Regardless of the consequences. Like STDs and skyrocketing divorce rates.
  • The Student Movement of the 60s fought the good fight against racism and a war that was being fought against a brutally oppressive Vietnamese government and their oppressive paymasters in the Soviet Union.


The Ultimate Irony: Leftists At Twitter Oppress Gay Men

Today the Left has seized control of universities, the media, and the halls of power. To that end they protest:

  • The Left fights against homophobia and discrimination by discriminating against gay and Jewish speakers on college campuses.
  • Institutionalized racism in cities run by black Democrats and in a country run by a black Democrat.
  • They push Marxist ideology in the name of peace and 'social justice' despite Marxism being diametrically opposed to true social justice.
  • The Left polices sex more than any church or religion in history.
  • The student movement today protects Islam, which is opposed to everything the Left actually stands for.

The Consequences, Then and Now

Nixon and Reagan were the result of Leftist overreach. 

What the Left doesn't realize is that by mimicking the movements of the 60s the outcome will be exactly the same as it was then: the rise of a new conservatism that will come to power on the tide of the public demanding a restoration of public order. But that won't be enough this time. Democrats must become a politically ostracized party for years to come as a result of their racist pandering to identity politics. Universities must be restructured to prevent racist Marxist ideas being taught as a sort of secular Gospel. Donald Trump is currently trailing in every poll but that won't last as Americans continue to grow tired of stagnant Leftist economics and the racism built into the ideology that fuels the Democratic party. 

The New Silent Majority Can't Remain Silent

Fighting against the controlled media and the controlled universities is the job of everyone in the West. Will you sit silently by while our culture is destroyed in the name of multiculturalism and Marxism? Or will you RESIST?

Monday, July 25, 2016

Hillary Clinton Thinks You're Stupid

By now it's all over the media: Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee (DNC), under the leadership of one Debbie Wasserman Shultz, conspired to rig the Democratic Primary against Sanders, crafted a false narrative about Donald Trump, and conspired with the media to guarantee Clinton the presidency. For the 5 biggest takeaways from the leaked DNC emails I highly recommend Mike Cernovich's coverage.

Over the weekend, DWS stepped down as DNC chair...and was immediately hired by Hillary Clinton for a senior post in her campaign. Clinton thinks you're an idiot. She believes that you won't hold her accountable for cheating in the Democratic primary. Clinton believes that you will vote for her because Trump is just awful, relying on that same narrative crafted by the DNC and parroted by the corporate media. Clinton thinks you and the rest of America are too stupid to figure out that she and her party are stricken with cancer.

Courtesy of Mike Cernovich. Seriously, this is The Narrative
Maybe you don't like Donald Trump. That's fine and that's your right as an American. Explore your options but I implore you to at least watch Trump's speeches for yourself with an open mind. Don't buy The Narrative crafted by the DNC and repeated mindlessly by CNN, MSNBC, CBS, The Washington Post, Politico and countless other organizations.

Clinton and the Democrats have demonstrated a willingness to achieve power by any means necessary. While Donald Trump is painted as evil by the likes of Jon Stewart, the mainstream media, and social media, Clinton conspires to win by cheating. The leaked emails prove that beyond a shadow of doubt.

If the Democratic party continues on the path DWS and Clinton put them on then they think you're stupid. They will demonstrate what leaked emails reveal: that their voters are a commodity. Most galling, the DNC calls Donald Trump a racist while at the same time calling Latino voters a 'commodity' to be reached out to via a 'taco bowl' strategy.

Don't let DWS and the DNC coronate Hillary Clinton. The results of a person using lawlessness and naked corruption to achieve the highest office in the land will only bring disaster to the United States and to the West. Given the state of law and order issues today, allowing a person to become president who flaunts the law and has said they believe there is a 'Hillary standard and a standard for everyone else' would be incredibly dangerous.

The cancer in the DNC is a unique form of cancer. It is contagious and could spread through the body politic if not treated. The only treatment is at the ballot box in November. Clinton must be stopped in order to preserve the values that make the American republic possible in the first place. Without law and order the US has no foundation to stand upon.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

This Week In The Religion of Peace

This has been a doozy of a week when it comes to the Religion of Peace. Let's have a quick look at the, um, highlights:

First, of course, is the attack in Nice, France. As of this writing there are 84 dead and 200 wounded. The attack was reported as a 'truck attack' by the mainstream media, with little to no mention given of the fact that the terrorist involved was an adherent of the Religion of Peace. Even better, there's been a terror attack in France every two months for the last 18 months. There's a lot the media and western governments aren't telling you about Islamic terrorism but Paul Joseph Watson of Infowars is happy to tell you:

When adherents of the Religion of Peace struck the Bataclan club earlier this year, it turns out they were torturing their victims while waiting for the raid that eventually killed them...and governments covered it up.   This is yet another example of the Stockholm Syndrome that the Left and European governments are experiencing. The effort to avoid offending their actual oppressors and invading hordes would be astonishing if it wasn't already obvious that western leaders lack the spine to deal with this existential threat to western civilization.

Moving on, in Pakistan adherents of the Religion of Peace followed their pedophile 'prophet's' commands to mutilate those who refuse to convert by chopping off the arms of a Christian man who refused to turn his back on Christ. According to Christian Today: "A Christian man in Lahore reportedly had his arms chopped off after refusing to denounce Jesus and convert to Islam while in the hands of fanatics.
According to Legal Evangelical Association Development (LEAD), a Christian organisation in Pakistan, Aqeel Masih, who worked at a petrol station in the LDA quarter area of Lahore, was kidnapped by Islamists before having his armed severed...[The] extremists exerted pressure on him to abandon Christianity and convert to Islam,” LEAD said. “Aqeel however, did not give up on his Christian faith and refused to comply with their demand. Notwithstanding…his rebuttal, they chopped off his both arms, and absconded.
Finally, a machete attack at the Nice vigil was thwarted by French police. As JihadWatch reports, mourners were gathered for the memorial for the 84 dead and 200 injured when an Islamic man arrived with a machete. Obviously he was there to provide the cultural enrichment only Islam can afford, but the law enforcement stepped in and arrested him. No one was injured, even the would-be attacker.
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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

What the Heck is the Convention of States?

Recently I went on a spree of adding new followers on Twitter. Specifically, I sought out supporters of Donald Trump, the GOP nominee for President of the United States. I did this for a variety of reasons but in the end that doesn't matter as much as what I found along the way: something called the Convention of States is brewing on social media.

A convention of states is often called an Article V convention (for the process is briefly mentioned in Article V of the Constitution), which requires two-thirds of the US state legislatures to call (today, 34). Once convened, three-fourths of the states (38) must vote in affirmative to amend the constitution...or perhaps to scrap the document and begin with a new one. That is one danger of the proposed Convention of States. If supporters of the CS disagree just look at the history of the US constitutional convention, whose participants were convened to fix the Articles of Confederation and instead chose to write a whole new document.

At present there is an organized attempt to convene just such a convention. While it's been ongoing for several years it seems to have pick up steam after the GOP primary elections began to go Donald Trump's way. Many, many of the supporters I've seen on Twitter for the Convention were Cruz supporters or outright #NeverTrump proponents, or both.This is anecdotal, as I've only seen this on Twitter, but the point stands. At a quick appearance there is the veneer of partisan politics at play, fueled by the same fear for the future of the United States currently being ruled by a government that cares little for the citizens and future of the republic.

This guy is a strong proponent of the Article V convention.

Prior to the primaries in 2015, prospective candidates endorsed the proposed Article V convention. Donald Trump has either not been asked the question or has remained silent on the issue. At a glance it would appear that #NeverTrump types are all-in for a convention of states to circumvent the process and change America on their own terms instead of on the terms of the popular electorate. This is an oversimplification, as is evident by this piece by one blogger calling for a convention while hinting that he may support Trump given time.

So, how would an Article V convention work? The Constitution gives few hints:

The Congress, whenever two thirds of both houses shall deem it necessary, shall propose amendments to this Constitution, or, on the application of the legislatures of two thirds of the several states, shall call a convention for proposing amendments, which, in either case, shall be valid to all intents and purposes, as part of this Constitution, when ratified by the legislatures of three fourths of the several states, or by conventions in three fourths thereof, as the one or the other mode of ratification may be proposed by the Congress; provided that no amendment which may be made prior to the year one thousand eight hundred and eight shall in any manner affect the first and fourth clauses in the ninth section of the first article; and that no state, without its consent, shall be deprived of its equal suffrage in the Senate.
The questions I am left with are these: who would be permitted to participate? What role would lobbyists play? Would the process be open to the public? The Constitution says little to answer these questions. What we know we know from history. Lobbyists as they exist today didn't exist in 1787, and that convention was closed to the public due to the participants overstepping their authority and original mission, which was to reform the Articles of Confederation.

I think calling an Article V convention is a deeply dangerous idea. State legislatures are just as beholden to lobbyists and special interests as is the Congress. As few, if any rules exist governing an Article V convention we can be sure that lobbyists will be in FULL FORCE at such a convention. Imagine Planned Parenthood, George Soros, and the big energy combines meeting with convention goers and you begin to see my concerns with the proposed convention. In short, a convention would be at risk of being high jacked by the interests who control our government. The potential for disaster is enormous.

There is no agreement in scholarly circles as to whether a limited convention is possible, either. Current proposals call for a convention to be called to limit judicial power, mandate a balanced federal budget, and limit executive power. But another real concern is that the convention could in itself scrap the entire existing US constitution and craft a new one from scratch. This happened in the convention of 1787. It could happen again.

Would a convention be accepted by the people of the United States? In the US we engage in something that can only be called idolatry of the Constitution. People treat the Constitution as if it were the Holy Bible: the inspired and inerrant Word of God. My suspicion is that if major changes to the Constitution were made the general public would not be in support.

Finally, I doubt the Courts would accept an Article V convention. Likely the Courts would reject such a convention on some technical grounds in order to protect the status quo.  The federal courts are incredibly partisan and corrupt and will do anything to protect the power they possess.

So, what do you think? Is an Article V convention something to support and push for?