Monday, July 25, 2016

Hillary Clinton Thinks You're Stupid

By now it's all over the media: Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee (DNC), under the leadership of one Debbie Wasserman Shultz, conspired to rig the Democratic Primary against Sanders, crafted a false narrative about Donald Trump, and conspired with the media to guarantee Clinton the presidency. For the 5 biggest takeaways from the leaked DNC emails I highly recommend Mike Cernovich's coverage.

Over the weekend, DWS stepped down as DNC chair...and was immediately hired by Hillary Clinton for a senior post in her campaign. Clinton thinks you're an idiot. She believes that you won't hold her accountable for cheating in the Democratic primary. Clinton believes that you will vote for her because Trump is just awful, relying on that same narrative crafted by the DNC and parroted by the corporate media. Clinton thinks you and the rest of America are too stupid to figure out that she and her party are stricken with cancer.

Courtesy of Mike Cernovich. Seriously, this is The Narrative
Maybe you don't like Donald Trump. That's fine and that's your right as an American. Explore your options but I implore you to at least watch Trump's speeches for yourself with an open mind. Don't buy The Narrative crafted by the DNC and repeated mindlessly by CNN, MSNBC, CBS, The Washington Post, Politico and countless other organizations.

Clinton and the Democrats have demonstrated a willingness to achieve power by any means necessary. While Donald Trump is painted as evil by the likes of Jon Stewart, the mainstream media, and social media, Clinton conspires to win by cheating. The leaked emails prove that beyond a shadow of doubt.

If the Democratic party continues on the path DWS and Clinton put them on then they think you're stupid. They will demonstrate what leaked emails reveal: that their voters are a commodity. Most galling, the DNC calls Donald Trump a racist while at the same time calling Latino voters a 'commodity' to be reached out to via a 'taco bowl' strategy.

Don't let DWS and the DNC coronate Hillary Clinton. The results of a person using lawlessness and naked corruption to achieve the highest office in the land will only bring disaster to the United States and to the West. Given the state of law and order issues today, allowing a person to become president who flaunts the law and has said they believe there is a 'Hillary standard and a standard for everyone else' would be incredibly dangerous.

The cancer in the DNC is a unique form of cancer. It is contagious and could spread through the body politic if not treated. The only treatment is at the ballot box in November. Clinton must be stopped in order to preserve the values that make the American republic possible in the first place. Without law and order the US has no foundation to stand upon.