Saturday, January 30, 2016

The Hostility to Reason, Part 1

Once upon a time there was an sharp young college woman who spent her time outside of her gender studies classes planning events for the Women's Resource Center showing how big a problem rape culture was. This student was full of life, energy, and anger – anger at the patriarchy, which enables most men to get away with rape because the patriarchy scares women away from reporting their rapes. She tirelessly quoted rape statistics, claiming that 1 in 3 women get raped.

One day this student repeated these statistics to another student whose opinion didn't matter because of his male privilege, who replied that there was no rape culture and that about 7 in 1000 women get raped according to federal statistics. Obviously this young man, whose opinions don't matter because he has a penis, is an agent for the patriarchy. Her options are to either ignore him or scream at him. Engagement is rarely an option.

This may sound like an extreme example but hostility to facts is all-too common for Social Justice Warriors. Case studies abound in the real world, whether it is the fact that there is no wage gap, or that the Black Lives Matter movement is unpopular , or that Bernie Sanders has little chance of winning the election , or that there can be such a thing a a Black conservative. I could go on and on.

Ideology clouds our thought processes and is irrational. There is a movement afoot in the feminist SJW community to disregard science and reform it in the image of Holy Mother Tumblr. Richard Dawkins correctly identifies the source ofthis as postmodernism when he mocked the infusion of gender theory into physics. Yes, some feminists think Newtonian physics, the Theory of Relativity, and turbulent flow are sexist theories. It's well worth the view if you haven't seen his short speech.

Biological sciences, too, are sexist. One university who should probably lose federal funding has launched a 'feminist' biology PhD program. ( Why a feminist science program? Because the sciences are rooted in male-conceived paradigms of power and oppression. Obviously gravity is a tool of the patriarchy (*adjusts tinfoil hat*) and the existence of testosterone and larger physical builds contributing to greater physical strength in males is a form of structural oppression.

Why has this happened? It's rooted in the myth of privilege. Social Justice Warriors continue to promote the myth of racial and gender privilege because it suits their purposes despite universities being dominated now by women. Scientific research is housing universities, with programs actively seeking out women who want to work in those fields. Yet take a look in a hard science classroom and the ratio of men to women is the skewed towards men. Why? Fear and propaganda by Social Justice Warriors.

The world is a crazy place.

Science programs are 'sexist.' It might be more accurate to suggest that the education track women take is to blame, with fewer women going into sciences and instead pursuing social sciences and pseudo-scientific trash like gender studies, critical race theory and other nearly useless fields of study. Combined with the fear-based rhetoric that sexism dominates the sciences the effect is chilling: why would a woman want to study something useful when they internalize the nonsense that SJWs tell them? There is no evidence that the sciences are dominated by sexists yet the claim is made repeatedly and held as a Gospel truth.

I will write more soon on the topic of fear. It is the greatest tool propagandists have in getting people to surrender their reason and to instead blindly follow a program. Fear is the classic tool of political actors who want nothing more than naked unadulterated power. Social Justice Warriors are principally concerned with power due to their adherence to Cultural Marxism, which is itself a topic for another day.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

What's Fear Got To Do With It?

Don't Disagree With the Thought Police.....

Fear mongering is a political tool used by virtually every form of extremism in the modern world. In the Red Scare elements in the American government terrified its population about communists hiding in every corner of society, while in the Soviet Union fear mongering was commonly used to as a tool to control dissident thought. Little need be said about fear mongering by the various right wing regimes in World War 2 that resulted in mass deaths, or by hard-left regimes in the 1960s and 1970s that resulted in genocide. Fear mongering is a tool favored by extremists to promote a political agenda that might not be attractive to the population.

Examples of fear mongering the US and UK today include the claim that a rape culture exists and that every man is a potential rapist. To make fear mongering work it is necessary to create an 'other,' that is, some class of persons who are different from the norm and thus dangerous to the collective. To sell the idea of rape culture to the American population every man is considered a potential rapist. This despite federal statistics on sexual assault consistently demonstrating that rape is rare and not something that 1 in 3 or 1 in 5 women will experience; rather, something in the neighborhood of 5 in 1000 women will experience, which is obviously too high.

Social Justice regressives define rape culture as a culture that teaches and condones rape. This, obviously, ignores the harsh prison sentences of offenders in the west as well as the way sexual offenders are turned into pariahs even after serving criminal sentences. Why, then, do SJWs continue to push this narrative? Fear mongering is based on a political mythology that only really functions if facts are ignored. Famously, the big lie is easier to sell to the population than small lies as long as the big lie is repeated constantly. Through repetition the big lie becomes the orthodox narrative that, if questioned, turns the skeptic into an other as well. By even writing this I'm likely to be labeled a rape apologist for denying that sexual assault statistics claimed by SJWs and especially by intersectional feminists are remotely accurate.

Fear mongering isn't limited to the concept of rape. In a comical piece of racist propaganda, last summer the Huffington Post reported that white people will be a minority by 2044. This claim is comical especially considering that the white population will still be a numerical majority among all populations for the conceivable future, even if whites constitute less than 50% of the total population at the expected time. But that isn't why this is propaganda; it is propaganda because Huffington Post, possibly the largest media organization in the Social Justice regressive arsenal, then told white people to expect the same treatment from whatever the new majority is expected to be that whites have perpetuated on minority populations in the past, complete with dog bites, fire hoses, systemic racism, and the like. The glee they reported this with would be hilarious if it was satire. The message: conform or die.

Fear is an effective tool in any political arsenal. Ask any of the film makers in the 1950s who were blacklisted by Hollywood because of rumors that they were communist sympathizers. It's plain at this point that fear goes hand in hand with bullying by those with political power or a loud enough voice to force others to push people around. This naturally results not only in fear but anger, which might explain the rise of the AltRight, a political movement in various western countries steeped in racism. One example of this is the online community Stormfront (no, I won't link to them, thank you),a neo-nazi group who responds to the infiltration of critical race theory and intersectional feminism in discourse and politics by channeling classic 1930s and 40s European rage, if you catch my drift. Extremism begets extremism.

This is the look of a man who needs a Snickers bar stat.

Which brings me to the American presidential race. There are two men running for president who bear the classic hallmarks of the political demagogue: Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. I'll leave Trump alone because that's just too easy. Sanders does many of Trump's favorite tactics, such as using anger to turn a specific population into the other (for Trump it's Muslims and illegal immigrants, for Sanders it's the wealthy and conservatives). In many ways Sanders is of greater concern because unlike Trump it seems that Sanders is humorless. Beyond that, and of more practical concern, Sanders has the support of young people, which bodes ill for the future of the United States. There is more to politics than simple policy; style and rhetoric are very important with real consequences as well.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Outrage Culture!

January 16, 2016

Image Courtesy of Forbes

Social media is an amazing thing. It enables us to connect with family, friends, share amazing pictures of cats, and even organize faux-revolutions. We all know that social media is also a fine place to waste a lot of time....but there is a darker side: outrage culture, which is instantly recognizable when you see a story trending on social media that is steeped in rage. Your friends share the story, you share the story, and pretty soon you and a lot people you know are pointlessly arguing about something that may not actually be accurate. Given the inherent anonymity of the internet this quickly turns into vicious arguing with friends, family, coworkers, clergy, and anyone else with whom you disagree on this or any issue. The wonderful thing about outrage culture is that it operates on the same principal as clickbait in that misleading perceptions are built off of headlines from stories not explored further and are frequently misrepresented.

Social Justice Warriors are masters at manipulating outrage culture. One tool for ginning up the angry masses of online keyboard warriors are the infamous online petitions like and In many countries, including the US and UK, some of these petitions can generate enough signatures to require official response from state officials. One brilliant example of this was the case of Dapper Laughs, a tasteless comedian whose UKtour was canceled for making jokes about rape. Yes, that's right, his jokes offended people enough to strip him of his right to free speech. Welcome to Brave New World.

Obviously, outrage culture isn't limited to the internet. It can take tangible, real world forms, including I would argue the campaigns of presidential candidates using faux-rage to fuel support from impressionable twenty-somethings, as well as motivating boycotts of entire countries with complex socio-political situations that get dumbed down for the intended audience. Social media is the tool of choice for Social Justice Warriors to organize and foment outrage culture. To what end? The goal isrevolution, and nothing short of it. They say non-violent revolution, and I suspect that they are honest in this simply because I can't see the typical SJW training to fight in a militia-style brigade or actually fighting a guerrilla war against western governments.

Honestly, I can't imagine a single SJW doing this voluntarily

Outrage culture is very, very selective. A great example of this is the case of the New Year's Eve rape and assault epidemic across major European cities, which had been conducted exclusively by Muslim men. While a genuine rape-culture exposes itself in Europe, SJWs are too busy fighting against a perceived rape culture that doesn't exist in the West and now in Japan. Why? Because the West and Japan are low-hanging fruit and require no personal danger or actual work to affect change. The situation in Europe with migrants is so complex that the reaction of the Left is for 'social justice,' meaning 'ask no questions.' The end result is the strange view of Islam that Leftists have that simply does not conform with reality.

Outrage culture is selective because the general premises are built on sand. There are genuine things in the world to be outraged about but the effect of SJWs hammering social media with online petitions about filthy jokes or groping fundraisers is to diminish credibility on any social issue, especially complex ones effecting geopolitics. Instead, outrage culture is aimed squarely at those things that are otherwise meaningless but effect the lives of normal people. SJWs are waging a culture war to change the hearts and minds of people in Western society in exactly the same manner as the religious right did in the 1980s and 1990s before them. Where the religious right had television and radio at their disposal, SJWs use social media in addition to these tools. It isn't any wonder that your email inbox gets periodic petition requests demanding action on the crisis of the day when every tiny and meaningless thing is a crisis, especially complex issues like police shootings that have been selectively presented to better propagandize the population.

You Will Never Find a More Wretched Hive of Scum and Villainy. We Must Be Cautious. 

The way to immunize yourself against this onslaught is simply to be aware that anything your SJW friends share with you is propaganda in the most literal sense – that is, communications designed to have political outcomes. It need not be rooted in reality as the point is to promote a political agenda. Reality is often far too complex to conform to any ideology, thus requiring that information be presented as selectively as possible. You won't see an honest account of a mass shooting without a cry to disarm the population attached to it simply because outrage culture is fueled by anger-tripping tropes that take the place of actual thinking. Thinking by the intended audience is dangerous for the ideologue, whether they are a presidential candidate or a typical SJW so they rely instead of tropes to do the thinking for them. It is best to be aware of these tropes and triggers when seeing this form of media.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

The Internet: Making Mice Into Men, Since 1996

The Internet: Making Mice Into Men, Since 1996

January 10, 2016

I try to imagine what my life would be like without the Internet. I do a lot of my research electronically, spend a lot of money online, keep up with friends near and far, and have met lovely people who have become fast friends. I spend many hours everyday on the Internet, largely because I'm still a student and have the luxury of time at the moment. It's a blessing and one that I am aware hopefully won't last forever.

That having been stated, the Internet is also a place that enables anonymity. I'm not talking about pornography or file sharing. I refer to something common and mundane: commenting on Youtube videos, Facebook posts, and Twitter battles. Anonymity isn't relegated merely to the commenting on posts either but includes reporting 'abusive' behavior to website moderators. You may be thinking 'so what?' but this is very important when we consider that the ownership of these sites are themselves very politically driven and often SJWs themselves, as in the case of Mark Zuckerberg and the ownership of Twitter.

Some commentators are simply trolls, who seek nothing more than to get a rise out of people whom they dislike and best ignored. But others are Keyboard Warriors. Consider them an addition to my list of Social JusticeWarrior archetypes or an add-on to any archetype, as being a Keyboard Warrior is almost an alternative identity due to the inherit anonymity the internet provides. In face to face encounters a Keyboard Warrior may be a coward or too polite to engage in conversation with the venom used online because face to face dialogue is by definition not anonymous.

Again, so what's the big deal? People being jerks on the internet shouldn't be a cause for concern for people since it's so common, right? The thing about this is that when the Keyboard Warrior is driven by more than merely the glee derived from pissing people off on the internet tangible problems can result. Ideology is a dangerous motivator for anyone. An example of this is the case of a man in Beaverton, Oregon, who will go unnamed because I don't feel the need to pile on to him. The manwas caught on video screaming racist epitaphs ata woman on the road. The video was uploaded to the internet and went viral on social media. Social Justice Warriors on the internet demanded his head...or at least his job. Soon, vigilant Keyboard Warriors found his personal information including his place of employment and managed to get the man fired. FIRED. Those who went on this Holy Crusade of NeoProgressivism didn't stop to ask if he had a family or kids to feed. That isn't the concern of SJWs. I can't believe I have to defend someone like this because what he did was reprehensible. But in the age of Orwell's nightmare, privacy is a thing of the past. Any mistake made or dirty deed can destroy your life and the lives of those who rely on you. But hey, at least some SJWs got to add a confirmed kill to their tally, right?

Credit for this masterpiece is due to Agent X Comics.

This treatment isn't limited to those who can't defend themselves from the authoritarian onslaught. Take the case of famous provocateur and conservative journalist Milo Yiannopoulos, who has been in the habit of retweeting angry and threatening tweets he receives, as well as responding directly, telling one SJW that they deserved to be harassed. For this, Twitter (who is notoriously owned by SJWs) unverified hisTwitter account, making it difficult to discern his account from those who copy him. Unlike the miscreant in Beaverton, Yiannopoulos was able to use his platform to retaliate by simply being himself: bombastic. Within hours the hashtag #JesuisMilo was the number 1 trending hashtag in the world. Why? Because even people like myself who do not agree with some of what he says went to his defense because free speech is critical to maintaining a democratic society. The biggest indictment of Twitter's behavior in the attempt to silence Yiannopoulos was their total silence on why he was unverified, save for the email sent to Yiannopoulos himself, which was vague. Again, anonymity is the trademark of Keyboard Warriors, whether individuals or corporate.

Like the SJW modus operandi in other arenas, the net effect is suppression of speech. Perhaps the neanderthal in Beaverton deserved what came to him; certainly he was in the wrong. But the expression of power used by an angry mob who didn't have to go to the lengths angry mobs have in the past (actually grabbing pitchforks and forming an actual mob) is what concerns me. When a few people have hurt feelings and faux-outrage they can use social media to destroy the lives of people they dislike. A few retweets and shares on Twitter or Facebook and damage is done. Again, I can't help but wonder if the barbarian in Beaverton has kids. I really hope not because since he was both fired and made internet-famous his chances of finding a job anytime soon are slim.  

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Social Justice Warrior Archetypes

Types of Social Justice Warriors

Picture courtesy of the Escapist.

Once upon a time there was a staff meeting of a student government association at a major university in North America for an all-important rally to show the university administration what the student body really wanted. This was the first such meeting for this body, and having just come into office on the waves of an impressive 5% voter turnout, they knew that they had the pulse of what the students at their large university of 30,000 students wanted because of the votes of the 1500 who bothered to show up. Or, so they thought, because each member of the executive board had a different agenda.

This play will attempt to demonstrate the different archetypes of the Social Justice Warrior that I've encountered in my nearly decade-long exposure to campus activism. I'm sure that there are more than what I'm listing. If you think of more put them in the comments and I'll do a follow up to this silliness in the near future. For now it is sufficient to list the three types: the Identity Warrior, the Politico, and the Jobber. Each has a different part they play and different concerns they bring to the job – and I say 'job' because officers at a surprisingly high amount of these schools get paid tobe professional activists . A unifying feature of each of the three types is a belief that student governments matter when, other than their legal duty to distribute the student fee, they don't. Of the three types, however, the Jobber believes this the least.

Courtesy of Panther Online. SGAs spend a lot of money on some silly things.

Returning to our play.....the Student Body President, a three-year veteran of the SGA who got their start as an intern for a long-departed president, and herself a Politico with ambitions of being a US Senator some day, calls the meeting to order. Her Vice-President, a student with deep ties to student athletes and the fraternities, and himself a very successful Jobber, calls pound his hands on the table to get the team to shut up so the meeting can commence. They have very important things to plan.

The Politico is someone who seeks to work in real politics in the future. They aren't limited to working in Student Governments. There are variants of this found in student media, student organizations, and non-profits including political parties. They want to turn the time they invested in The Cause into something bigger: work as a legislative aide in the state legislature in the next few years, followed by work for the state party and potentially public office after that. It is often overlooked that Student Body Presidents have several doors opened for them in the future because of how well that position is seen by future employers, including politicians and professional activists. Political science and economics majors abound.

The Student Body President begins with following basic Roberts Rules of Order to ensure that the meeting is efficiently run. The organization's Multicultural Affairs Director (yes, they exist), herself an Identity Warrior, asks that an item be added to the agenda to discuss the needs of the Black Student Union. Everyone agrees, with the Vice President seconding the motion. She will be given 5 minutes to speak, with discussion limited to 10 minutes thereafter.

The Jobber is there because they needed a job and wanted to do something they thought would help make the university community a better place to live and study. This is where I fell on this spectrum, whether it was when I worked in student government, on the campus media, or in university housing as a Resident Assistant. Driven by both financial need and a desire to serve (and avoid making coffee/sandwiches for a living), Jobbers are often concerned with efficiency and getting the job done, whatever that may be. Jobbers frequently make up the ranks of the overlooked positions, which often have the most real-world skills, including media relations, Chief of Staff, and the positions most involved in keeping the office functioning. Often the education they have or are pursuing runs the gamut because, again, they just want to a job that matters.

Logic not required to be a far left professional activist.

The staff member who focuses on the work for the Women's Resource Center, the LGBTQ Resource Center, and childcare facilities on campus speaks up and reminds everyone to use proper pronouns and not assume anyone's identity. This person is obviously a devoted Identity Warrior and budding professional intersectional feminist who never fails to remind people that the Patriarchy is everywhere and keeping tabs on what they do. Most people nod in agreement, though a few remain silent so as to not offend anyone (or get fired). Everyone goes around the table, introducing themselves and their preferred pronouns...and, as usual the pronouns fit the outward expectation. But, on to business.

The Identity Warrior is the most notorious of the Social Justice Warriors. These are the people who claimviolent video games promote rape, claim that a rape culture exists in the West despite a total lack of evidence, or declare that literally everything is sexist andproblematic. Most often, this group have a background in sociology or any of its most extremist offshoots, including gender studies or critical race theory or some combination thereof. These are the truest of true believers and aim to have a life of professional activism. When critics talk about cultural Marxists, look no further than these special snowflakes who seem immune to the facts of history that show Marxism to be a horrific ideology with an enormous body count of mostly poor people in Asia and Eastern Europe.

Everything is problematic. Everything. Including the author of this blog.

The meeting goes as expected. A meeting of the Student Senate is assembled, directions for developing committee rules and deadlines are set, and the next meeting is scheduled. The bulk of the time is used 'debating' the needs presented by the resident Identity Warriors on staff, despite no dissenting voices speaking out and everyone agreeing. The meeting lasts 2 hours, of which an hour and a half was spent preaching to the choir. Each member of the executive team will go to their subordinates to work on the issues raised by the Identity Warriors. The President will quietly work on the directives given to her by the 'nonpartisan' statewide student association, mostly registering voters.

There are several places that Social Justice Warriors come from in universities. Student Government Associations are the most potent, though housing programs and campus media are also important pipelines for leadership. A recurring factor for these types is that often their leadership positions require so much time spent on activism that grades suffer. In this they are professional student activists first, and students second. A common refrain when things in the movement are going well is 'I wish I could do this without being a student,' with the absurdity of that statement being lost on most involved.

I may make this story recurring. Our budding student leaders have important things to work on, including the passing of a student budget and fighting the all-knowing Patriarchy on campus, despite the majority of college students being women. But I digress, because the legally mandated work student governments do typically gets done by far more moderate students: those that make up the incidental fee committees of universities. I wouldn't even characterize them collectively as SJWs due ot their frequently being isolated from the madhouse that is the Senate and Executive branches of SGAs. Unlike the rest of our student leadership team, who are too busy protesting a 'militarized' campus security force and excrement-based race-baiting graffiti, the fee committee members have actual work to do.

Friday, January 1, 2016

Put On Your Tin-Foil Hat Kids Because It's Time to Talk About the Illuminati – er, the Patriarchy!

Put On Your Tin-Foil hat Kids Because It's Time to Talk About the Illuminati – er, the Patriarchy!

My claim that neo-progressivism is a religion may puzzle some people. It's nosecret that a majority of neo-progressives are atheists or 'spiritual but not religious.' How, then, can they be said to be following a religion? Neo-progressives, as largely atheists, do not claim to believe in a God. Then again, neither do Buddhists, and most would say that Buddhism is in fact a religion. A basic tenet of religions is the presence of a creed, which is an 'I believe' statement, typically based in ideas that are neither provable nor disprovable. Examples of this are belief in a God, which can't be proven or disproven scientifically.

Social Justice Warriors almost universally assert that there exists a shadowy systematic oppressive system that allows men (usually white) to dominate society at the expense of women. According to this view, the evidence for patriarchy includes the largely debunked wage gap, the existence of a glass or marble ceiling politics, the presence of misogynist stereotypes that promote violence against women in movies and video games, and, of course, plenty of claims that whenever some great evil happens in the world it is women who suffer more than men, even when that claim is itself purely nonsense.
Pretty sure this guy is the Supreme Leader of the Patriarchy

As an institution, the patriarchy in the West must be shadowy and unsubstantial, as obviously there isn't a formal organization of patriarchs in the United States. Yet the claims made suggest patriarchy is practically an institutionalized system in the West. Apparently, according to Jessica Valenti, there are 'patriarchal superstructures' in the West that lead to women committing suicide. The concept of a social superstructure is rooted in Marxist theory, which is itself known for its claims that are paranoia built atop misunderstandings of social conditions. Marxism is not remotely concerned with individual needs and instead is the philosophical source of modern collectivist theory.

According to those who believe in the patriarchy, whether they are intersectional feminists or non-feminists who believe in the patriarchy, women and minorities are a class who are subject to special forms of oppression that members of the 'power majority' are simply not subject to. Examples include racism, sexism, as well as other forms of discrimination. Since, it is claimed, people who are not members of the identity-majority don't possess political and economic power they are subject to special forms of oppression that members of the majority are simply not subject to. How the majority is defined is rather critical for this idea to work. I've always wondered how those who shout about the 99% square their belief in a system of oppression that includes white men square that with belief with a belief in a system that simply isn't capable of oppressing these same people. Some commentators refer to this as the Oppression Olympics

I wonder if the high jump is banned in the Oppression Olympics for being ableist.
Of course, my denial of this concept means that I'll be labeled an MRA or a part of Stormfront or some such nonsense. I'm none of those things. But that isn't the point: anyone who denies the existence of the patriarchy is reduced to an Other. Authoritarian systems have historically relied on the existence of an Other to really work. A simple look at any regime and you'll see an Other. In the Soviet Union (that bastion of Marxist achievement) the Other were capitalists and westerners. In Mexico during the Mexican civil war, Catholics were the Other. Today, the thought leaders in the neo-progressive movement are attempting to turn those who disagree with them into bigots, and in some cases have had those who disagree with them removed from jobs and had their writings taken out of stores.

I could go on and on. I'll come back to this topic at some point, but for now it is sufficient to say that the evidence in favor of the patriarchy existing don't add up. The supporting myths are demonstrably not true, yet they permeate the entirety of social science courses in the university system today. One wonders why the biggest offenders in the social sciences aren't moved out of the social science departments and instead moved into theology programs. I'd suggest merging them into philosophy programs but philosophy is rooted in logical deduction and critical thinking, which apparently are misogynist. I wish I were kidding.