Wednesday, August 10, 2016

College Protests and Political Riots: Is This the 60s?

You may have noticed that we live in unstable times in the west. College campuses are melting down. Political riots masked as protests are common.The Religion of Peace continues to bless us with cultural enrichment in the form of shootings and bombings. In a lot of ways the times are like a more violent 1960s.

The Left LOVES The 1960s

A cheater and a warmonger. Not much has changed for the Left.
While the rest of the population remembers the 60s as producing some good music and a lot of drug use, the Left remembers the 60s fondly:

  • Big Government was KING. The Great Society was fighting poverty directly...except that it actually undermined the family, especially the families of black Americans.
  • The Civil Rights movement began the end of the racism institutionalized by Democrats who later blamed Republicans for political racism.
  • Sex was free! Regardless of the consequences. Like STDs and skyrocketing divorce rates.
  • The Student Movement of the 60s fought the good fight against racism and a war that was being fought against a brutally oppressive Vietnamese government and their oppressive paymasters in the Soviet Union.


The Ultimate Irony: Leftists At Twitter Oppress Gay Men

Today the Left has seized control of universities, the media, and the halls of power. To that end they protest:

  • The Left fights against homophobia and discrimination by discriminating against gay and Jewish speakers on college campuses.
  • Institutionalized racism in cities run by black Democrats and in a country run by a black Democrat.
  • They push Marxist ideology in the name of peace and 'social justice' despite Marxism being diametrically opposed to true social justice.
  • The Left polices sex more than any church or religion in history.
  • The student movement today protects Islam, which is opposed to everything the Left actually stands for.

The Consequences, Then and Now

Nixon and Reagan were the result of Leftist overreach. 

What the Left doesn't realize is that by mimicking the movements of the 60s the outcome will be exactly the same as it was then: the rise of a new conservatism that will come to power on the tide of the public demanding a restoration of public order. But that won't be enough this time. Democrats must become a politically ostracized party for years to come as a result of their racist pandering to identity politics. Universities must be restructured to prevent racist Marxist ideas being taught as a sort of secular Gospel. Donald Trump is currently trailing in every poll but that won't last as Americans continue to grow tired of stagnant Leftist economics and the racism built into the ideology that fuels the Democratic party. 

The New Silent Majority Can't Remain Silent

Fighting against the controlled media and the controlled universities is the job of everyone in the West. Will you sit silently by while our culture is destroyed in the name of multiculturalism and Marxism? Or will you RESIST?