Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The Candy-Coated Hypocrisy of the Left

By now you're well aware that Donald Trump Jr tweeted an outrageous, deeply offensive message that was ultimately evil, vile, Satanic, Hitlerian, and kitten-offending in it's outrageousness. How do we know it was all of those things? The mainstream media told us so. If you haven't seen the tweeted image, here it is:

Was it an oversimplification of a problem? Perhaps. Was it wrong? That's debatable. But the Left pounced on this, demanding an apology, a retraction, Trump Jr's head, the election of Clinton, all manner of unreasonable demands. Instead of sparking a conversation about refugees and the different policies the two main candidates have on the Syrian crisis, the Leftist media did what it always does: deflect the issue at hand so that Hillary Clinton's terrible policy doesn't have attention brought to it. It's obvious that the media is part of the Clinton campaign.

But the hypocrisy comes in the form of Leftist ugly tweets. Trump's tweet is modeled after this gem, tweeted by a feminist who'll remain nameless. Her claim, that women should be scared of men because (so she claims) 10% are rapists (an evil claim if there ever was one). How this is in any way an acceptable claim to make is unknown to me but then again I'm just a humble anti-feminist and am not fluent in femenese. Here's the tweet:

Is there a substantive difference? Why is it okay when feminists engage in this hyperbole but when a presidential campaign makes a nearly identical claim it's not okay? If you have an idea please let me know because I don't understand why saying that 10% of men are monsters is okay but saying that terrorists are coming in with the Syrian refugees isn't.

The only thing that makes her tweet okay is that, as we all know, men are all evil and must be killed. At least, all white men, Syrian men are exempt because, according to Sally Kohn, Sharia Law is progressive. Because Muslims are 'oppressed' they must be protected from evil, evil white men who must be killed. That must be it.