Friday, September 16, 2016

Safe Spaces and the Cult of Anti-Trump

Typical college dorm
A friend of mine is a student at a major public university. He has the misfortune of living in the residence halls (dorms). Recently, his RA left a note on his door and the door of every one of his neighbors asking questions like 'what's your favorite kind of music?' 'what's your favorite food', and the creme de la creme, 'what's your preferred gender pronoun?' As I've written endlessly about here and elsewhere, the universities are the breeding ground for the leftist lunacy that denies basic truths, beginning with denying that there are only two genders.

But it goes far beyond that. Here is a basic list of insane ideas taught at universities:

  • Gender is a social construct. There are as many genders as there are people. Assuming that 'male' and 'female' are the only options makes you a bigoted oppressive shitlord.
  • Safe spaces are essential. We must be protected from wrong opinions that might challenge our way of thinking and 'trigger' us.
  • Speaking of wrong thinking, conservatives, and especially Trump and his deplorable supporters, are racists who should be silenced. They can be silenced using free speech.
  • Free speech isn't free. While true on its face Leftists mean that free speech is offensive and the best way to silence public speech is to make it impossible for someone to speak publicly using something they call 'no-platforming'. 
  • Men, while being a social construct, have special privileges that all other genders don't have. This is especially true of white men. 
  • Trump is a fascist. By fascist they mean 'not leftist' because he has the insane idea that government isn't the solution to all problems.
  • All social problems can be solved with more multiculturalism and fewer white people.

I just included this to trigger SJWs

The Cult of Anti-Trump opposes Trump because he is anti-political correctness...and because ultimately he objects to socialism. Make no mistake: if Ted Cruz had been the nominee, or John Kasich, the charge that Republicans are racist fascists would be leveled at conservatives with the same level of vitriol that Leftists level against the GOP and especially Trump supporters now.

While the presidential election is drawing near and it appears that Trump might win, the university year is just beginning. On college campuses now professors are proselytizing to students, spreading the anti-Gospel lies of socialism. While that is going on the student government associations and their state-wide partners are registering students to vote in 'non-partisan' voter registration campaigns while actively promoting Leftist ideas like the Israeli Disinvestment movement, Black Lives Matter, and free college for illegal immigrants. These are the future leaders of America, and the only way to stop them is to remove all federal funding from universities until they stop being Leftist seminaries (to borrow a phrase from Dennis Prager).